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Worker Representatives

Stewart Advocacy will represent a worker to ensure the Workers’ Compensation Board is addressing all your individual needs. We believe in fairness, and in giving people a voice.

Stewart Advocacy was created by a former WCB Alberta case manager/trainer who recognized the need for representation. We are a small team of former WCB employees who have over 50 years of combined experience.

Our Mission: We believe every person deserves to be heard and understood. We advocate for fairness and will work with each individual to achieve this.

As a specialist in interpreting and applying the Workers’ Compensation Act and WCB policies, Stewart Advocacy is able to assist the injured worker.

Why do I help injured workers? I can see things through both perspectives and recognize the need for my services. The process can be overwhelming and daunting and I am here to guide you.

Stewart Advocacy provides independent advice, assistance and advocacy services to injured workers with respect to Workers’ Compensation entitlements throughout Canada, specifically Alberta.

Thank you for your interest in our services.

Injured Workers

Worker Representation

Stewart Advocacy specializes in Workers’ Compensation claims, and can represent you at any level, whether you were just injured or have a claim from 30 years ago!

We can help with the following:

  • Getting your claim accepted or overturning the initial entitlement decision if your claim was denied
  • Receiving all benefits you are entitled to which can include retroactive benefits (most case managers do not offer additional benefits but the right representative knows what to ask for and how to fight for it)
  • A permanent disability lump sum payment (sometimes this is overlooked)
  • Working to have additional body parts or conditions such as chronic pain syndrome or depression accepted
  • Assistance with retraining or appealing retraining options

Stewart Advocacy gives you a voice and ensures you are heard. We work collaboratively with WCB where we can, and work efficiently to get you the benefits and services you are entitled to. Stewart Advocacy will work with you through the different levels of appeal and represent you at the Appeals Commission Board, as well. We take the stress away from you and your family!

Why hire Stewart Advocacy over a WCB Appeals Advisor?

We work with you. Appeals Advisors work for WCB and will assist you with the bare minimum. They will not advocate for the ‘hidden benefits’ and dig deep into the claim.